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By creating your forum account and interacting on the forums, you agree to the following rules:

- All forum accounts must have an appropriate username and profile picture.
- Forum signatures must stay under the maximum size: 5 lines of text, or 1 image and 2 lines of text.
- Do not create multiple accounts to either avoid a punishment or boost your account statistics by liking your own replies and/or threads.

Threads / Replies
- Necro-posting: Do not reply to a thread older than 3 months.
- Double-posting: Do not double post on a thread. There is an edit button.
- No NSFW content is allowed (violence, gore, and pornographic images/videos).
- Do not share personal information about another user such as social media accounts, IPs, addresses, email or phone numbers.
- No tolerance for any kind of racism and discrimination.
- Avoid political and religious topics as these frequently cause heated debates.

Most of these rules are covered here too, but all in-game rules that could apply to the forums do apply. You can find those here.
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