Accepted Deathrun - Map Idea #1

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New map idea: Swamp themed.

The map would mostly be made of mossy blocks and leaves.
This map will take UNDER 50 SECONDS no matter what. NO going over!!
An example of a few traps would be like this:

The checkpoints would be made of dark spruce wood, like the checkpoints on zoo, but smaller.
The end would be a swamp tree like this:

I don't want the map to have any new traps, I want it to feel nostalgic. Use the same traps as on Cave:

Giant spawns, tnt traps, fire waves, arrows, glass spirals. etc.
At the end would be a waterfall trap where the death would click and a waterfall would appear.

1. Under 50 seconds
2. Don't add too many emerald jumps as I don't want this map to be heavily based on ping. (I also want monkey to like this map for his tier list)
3. The map should mainly be outside, with maybe a few places inside. Like zoo
Not open for further replies.