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    How Administrators treat Players

    Taking an account that does not belong to the user which was used for company promotion is something we were, and are, willing to take legal action over. Thanks for showing how we deal with this so others are aware, we never wanted to hide this as we stand by how we handled it. The account is...
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    Forum Rules

    By creating your forum account and interacting on the forums, you agree to the following rules: Account - All forum accounts must have an appropriate username and profile picture. - Forum signatures must stay under the maximum size: 5 lines of text, or 1 image and 2 lines of text. - Do not...
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    Welcome froggy friend!

    Welcome froggy friend!
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    Tournament results!

    This thread will be dedicated to keeping track of all the results of previous tournaments for anyone to look at when they please! Day 2: BlockParty! Day 3: Gravity! [/SPOILER]
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